Our Services

New Jersey Eye Care offers complete eye care to keep your vision sharp and the materials to keep your eyes healthy. Please look below to learn more about what New Jersey Eye Care offers

  1. Contact Lenses:
    We specialize in hard-to-fit contact lens patients and employ over 180 types of contact lenses. There are many types of contact lenses available. At New Jersey EyeCare/New Jersey Contact Lenses, we will help you select the right kind to best fit your lifestyle and health needs. We carry the latest FDA approved contact lenses. We conduct studies through our affiliations with contact lens manufacturers to test new contact lenses. New Jersey EyeCare is often the only office in our area to carry newly approved contact lenses. We offer: soft contact lenses, disposable lenses, daily disposable lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, specialty lenses, vision shaping therapy lenses, and lenses for those over 40. Read more.
  2. Complete Family Eye Exams: Did you Know? Half of all blindness can be prevented, yet the number of people suffering vision loss continues to increase. Having an annual eye exam is crucial in protecting your and your family’s eyesight. Read more.
  3. Dilation Free Exams: Optomap® Retinal Examinations (“Optomap®”), provide eye-care practitioners with clinically useful information that facilitates the early detection of disorders and diseases evidenced in the retina. Read more.
  4. Treatment of Keratoconus: Keratoconus is a disease affecting people from preteens to the elderly. At New Jersey EyeCare/New Jersey Contact Lenses we spend much of our time and energy working with people who have this disease. It is our goal to enable our patients to see well, to live more comfortably with this disease and to not allow Keratoconus to get in the way of normal activities. Although Keratoconus may limit people from certain professions (pilot for example), our office strives to make sure that a person with Keratoconus can live life fully and not be hindered by this condition. Read more.
  5. Vision Shaping Treatment: Freedom From Eyeglasses or Contacts – No Surgery – Reversible – Approved For Children & Adults. New Jersey EyeCare/New Jersey Contact Lenses is proud to fit Paragon CRT® lenses. Read more.
  6. Diabetic & Hypertensive Eye Exams: What is diabetic retinopathy? Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes and a leading cause of blindness. It occurs when diabetes damages the tiny blood vessels inside the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. Read more.
  7. Glaucoma Diagnosis & Treatment: What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can damage the eye’s optic nerve and result in vision loss and blindness. However, of early treatment of Glaucoma symptoms you can often protect your eyes against serious vision loss. Read more.